We are launching our new secret project end of October 2020. It is entirely dedicated to underprivileged individuals and focuses on upskilling them in Digital Marketing and Content Writing amongst other things… They will have access to the key and fundamental tools and technology with the opportunity to walk the digital journey with us as we progress and develop our local and digital communities together.

We need your help to get this right! We are looking for 5 “respectable” working laptops to allocate to our interns and any donations which will be used for internet access fees while working remotely during these Covid-19 times. We are a determined start-up with a goal, and we are not expecting handouts (although always welcomed).

We understand the current climate requires partnering of sorts, so the following rewards are available with terms and conditions attached as per normal.

      • Laptop donations: Access to 1 Million Advertising Impressions (per device donated)
      • Financial Support: Access to 350k Advertising Impressions (per R5,000 donated)
      • Full CMS Website Design and Strategy (per R15,000 donated)

Next week we are launching the initiatives to find 5 individuals to start this journey with us.

      • *Respectable – Will be used for design work as well | Terms and Conditions Apply for Rewards