Setting up SSL on Multisite subdomains was complex and expensive…until now! Webrora hosting now includes a Free Wildcard SSL automatically for all Multisites which saves you money and time!

So, what is a Wildcard SSL?

Wikipedia’s definition states that “a wildcard certificate is a public key certificate that can be used with multiple subdomains of a domain. The principal use is for securing web sites with HTTPS, but there are also applications in many other fields. Compared with conventional certificates, a wildcard certificate can be cheaper and more convenient than a certificate for each subdomain. Multi-domain wildcard certificates further simplify the complexity and reduce costs by securing multiple domain and their subdomains.”

Source: Wikipedia

Let us say you want to set up the following sites on subdomains with SSL:

      • etc

Instead of having to purchase and set up an SSL certificate for every subdomain listed above, you can use a single wildcard certificate that lets you add SSL to every subdomain automatically like this:

The only time a Wildcard SSL is required would be for subdomains, you do not need one if you decide to showcase your URL as, but we’re better than that, we incorporate SSL’s into your subdirectories as well, which makes things safer and better.

Wildcard SSL’s are freely available with our new hosting plans at